card for 700 score

Credit scores are a critical aspect of your financial profile, and they’re used to determine everything from whether you get approved for a loan to how much interest you’ll pay on a mortgage. And while not everyone will be approved for every card on the market, most people with a 700 score or higher can usually find a card that fits their needs. website

While the definition of a good credit score can vary slightly between scoring models and card issuers, a 700-plus score is generally considered to be “good” or “fair,” according to Experian(r), one of the three major credit bureaus. And though no score guarantees approval for any credit card, most people with a 700 credit rating or above can typically expect to be approved for cards that require fair or good credit, as long as they have a healthy and consistent credit profile.

Unlocking Opportunities: The Top Credit Cards Tailored for a 700 Score

With a 700 credit score, you’ll likely be able to qualify for a range of cards with perks like cash back, travel rewards, and more. Those looking to maximize the value of their score should focus on keeping their credit utilization low, which is defined as how much of your available credit you use. For most people, this means maintaining a balance well below 30% of your total credit limit.

If you’re interested in finding a card that fits your needs, it’s best to check if you’re preapproved on the issuer’s website. This will allow you to gauge your odds without a hard inquiry, which can impact your credit score for a bit.