Auburn Kindergarten & Child Care Centre – Availability

An Auburn Kindergarten & Child Care Centre is a Centre-Based Childcare provider located at 27 Station Street, Hawthorn East, VIC. This child care service is licensed to care for 50 children. The services at this child care centre are quality-assured and are assessed every two or three years. The ratings are based on the National Quality Framework (NQF), an agreement between the state and federal governments to ensure that child care services meet certain standards. Check out –

Now You Can Have Your Auburn Kindergarten & Child Care Centre – Availability Done Safely

The availability of a child care service is lower during weekdays than on weekends. Last year, there were 0.3 days of childcare availability for children under 1 year old. For children aged two to three years old, 0 days were available. For preschool-aged children, 0 days were available. The availability of a childcare service is dependent on the type of service you are looking for. If you’re looking for a full-time childcare option, check out the availability on the day you need it.

Availability is best on weekends and during the school holidays. Average daycare availability is 0.7 days for children under a year, compared to 0.5 days a year ago. A child over one year old or two-three years old will have a more difficult time finding a suitable childcare centre on a weekday. However, childcare availability is generally lower on weekdays. The availability of a child two-year-old to preschool age is 0 days.

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