Boric Acid Supplements

Boric acid supplements can help you treat mild yeast infections or bacterial vaginosis. They work by balancing your body’s acid levels and restoring the balance of the “good” bacteria in your vagina.

You’ll usually take  suppository boric acid by putting a suppository into your vagina, either by hand or using the provided applicator. These suppositories are available at drug stores and online.

Over-the-counter (OTC) boric acid suppositories typically cost between $15 and $30. However, it’s important to discuss your treatment options with a doctor before using them on your own.

Do not use a suppository if you have open sores, wounds or ulcerations in the vagina. This could prevent the suppository from working and may result in more serious side effects.

The Pros and Cons of Using Boric Acid Supplements for Health Purposes

The most common side effect of using a boric acid suppository is mild itching or burning in the vagina. This is temporary and will go away when you stop using the product.

To make sure your boric acid suppositories are safe, you’ll need to buy products that contain only the highest grade of boric acid powder and are free of GMOs, artificial ingredients, preservatives, dyes, or scents. You’ll also want to make sure the product is free of fillers that can be harmful to your health.

In addition to treating a yeast infection, boric acid can also help protect against some sexually transmitted diseases. For example, it’s thought to stop the growth of trichomoniasis vaginalis, which is caused by a parasite. It can also kill fungi that cause candida infections.

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