Can Carpet Beetles Bite?

can carpet beetles bite

Can carpet beetles bite  do not bite as adults but can irritate people in other ways. The problem with these insects isn’t their teeth but their bristles that can cause skin irritation and allergic reactions in some people. This can be especially problematic if the beetles are shedding their bristles and they come into contact with your skin. The resulting skin rash is often mistaken for a bug bite and it can be itchy or painful.

The beetles are attracted to food and they can get into homes as hitchhikers in packages of dry goods like cereal, flour and pet foods. They can also gain entry as cracks in doors or windows and infest rugs and fabrics made from cellulosic synthetic materials. The beetle larvae eat these textiles and other protein-rich items in order to grow into adulthood. The larvae can become a real problem when they get into a house as they destroy clothes and can cause a number of other issues.

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Larvae can also trigger allergic reactions in some people. When the bristles from the beetle’s bodies come into contact with human skin, it can result in a red rash that is itchy or uncomfortable. These rashes may even be swollen and blistered in some cases. These symptoms can be further exacerbated by other allergies that might be present in the individual such as watery eyes or a runny nose.

To avoid the possibility of an allergic reaction to carpet beetles, it’s important to maintain clean living habits. This means vacuuming frequently, storing clothing in sealed containers and using cedar blocks or other insect repellents for closets.

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