Custom Metal Prints

custom metal prints

Custom metal prints are a safe, long-lasting and beautiful way to display your photos. They’re durable and come in a wide variety of colors, sizes and framing options.

The stunning appearance of a metal print elevates nearly any photo from ordinary to extraordinary. Whether it’s a portrait or landscape, metal wall art is a great way to elevate your favorite photo into a memorable piece of artwork that will last for years.

What’s more, a metal photo will not fade from direct sunlight, like framed prints may. Since the image is printed directly onto the metal, there’s no glass for light to reflect off of, which results in less glare.

Transforming Your Memories into Art: The Magic of Custom Metal Prints

Designing your custom metal prints is easy and fun. Simply choose your images, rearrange them and create a layout you love.

Once you’ve got your layout just right, you can then select the type of framing you’d like for your print. You can choose from a EURO FRAME which is 1.3” thick and comes in brushed black, silver or gold anodized aluminum, or a FLOAT FRAME which comes with a hardboard backer along with rubber bumpers on all four corners for stability.

How to hang your custom metal print: Once you’ve selected a frame, mount it on the wall with a hanging wire and hang it at eye level. This is a common rule of thumb for all art and photography, but it’s especially important when it comes to wall-mounted metal prints.

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