Donnie Swaggart’s House

donnie swaggart’s house

The only son of famed evangelist Jimmy donnie swaggart’s house and his wife Frances, Donnie Swaggart is the co-pastor of his father’s Family Worship Center church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. His dynamic and hard-hitting preaching style is all his own and he’s passionate about the tremendous call that God has placed on his life. Though his ministry has taken him to places across the globe, he and his beloved Debbie make their home in Baton Rouge with their three children Gabriel, Mathew and Jennifer and their eight grandchildren.

Donnie’s eloquent and moving messages about the Holy Spirit are deeply anticipated at the annual Jimmy Swaggart Ministries Campmeetings. He’s also a regular speaker at the SBN radio network.

Where Does Donnie Swaggart Live

His two-story mansion on 20 acres is surrounded by a brick and wood fence that was valued at $1.5 million by assessors in 1987. Swaggart, who once told a congregation that God visited him in his car and told him to build the fence, says it’s a security measure to keep people from photographing his property or stopping to gawk.

Inside the mansion, a soaring, two-story entranceway welcomes guests into a sweeping foyer with a grand staircase, a crystal chandelier and a large piano. Upstairs, there’s a spacious master suite and a private chapel with a soaring ceiling and gorgeous artwork. The expansive grounds are dotted with trees, lush lawns, and serene outdoor living spaces. A gazebo overlooks a beautiful lake.

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