Enhancing Rolex With Diamonds

Enhancing Rolex with diamondsEnhancing Rolex with diamonds is one of the best ways to upgrade a sports watch or elevate a dress model to a whole new level of elegance and luxury. When done properly, the addition of iced out jewels transforms a Rolex into a true work of art that marries horological precision with opulence beyond compare. This is possible thanks to a combination of the finest precious stones and expert craftsmanship, which Rolex has perfected over time.

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Rolex has a unique set of in-house expertise that allows it to bejewel every model in its entire catalogue with the highest quality gemstones and diamonds. Its gemmologists begin the process by selecting the finest stones, using both a discerning eye and state-of-the-art analysis equipment to ensure that the diamonds they select meet Rolex’s stringent quality criteria.

After a gem is selected, it is then carefully and skilfully placed by the jewel-setters, using tools designed to achieve perfect alignment between each stone, so that they all sparkle with maximum brilliance. The exactitude and attention to detail of these processes are perhaps most visible when examining a factory diamond-set Rolex under a magnifying glass, where the individual gems can be examined for their precise orientation, position, regularity, strength and proportions.

Whether they are added to the case, bracelet or dial, Rolex’s skilled gem-setters produce stunningly beautiful results that accentuate the elegance of their models. In some cases, like with the opulent platinum Lady-Datejust and Datejust II ranges or the 41mm oversized Oyster Perpetual Datejust II model, the additional diamonds are especially eye-catching, as they perfectly complement the sleek lines of these models.

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