How a Fraud Risk API Can Protect Your Online Business

Fraudulent activities are a major concern for most online businesses, whether it’s opening multiple accounts to claim promotional codes, paying for goods using stolen credit card details or submitting bogus refund requests or chargebacks. These activities can cost a business a sizable amount in lost sales, customer service costs, fraud investigations or compliance fines.

Can I use Truecaller online?

A fraud risk API can help prevent these activities by detecting and identifying suspicious behavior before it’s too late. These systems are usually easy to integrate into your website and don’t require any special training to use. They can also be scalable and handle large amounts of data without slowing down. For example, a fraud detection API can screen out proxy and VPN connections to prevent hackers from using them to access your site and services.

The best fraud prevention APIs can help your team focus on your customers and the business at hand. They work silently in the background to keep your users safe while delivering a seamless digital experience, even for ecommerce transactions that require multiple-factor authentication.

For example, Melissa Global Intelligence’s Personator API can verify name, address, phone number, email, aliases and more with just one call, making it a perfect solution for reducing fraudulent transactions on ecommerce sites, validating organisation address formats to minimise typing mistakes or preventing promotional offer abuse (multiple signups). It can also screen out proxy IPs and VPNs that could be used for spamming, phishing, hacking attempts and identity theft.

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