How to Find the Best Container Hire Deals

container hire

Whether it’s for a move or storage, container hire is an easy, affordable, and convenient option. The best companies offer competitive rates, minimal fees, a broad coverage area, and a quick quote process. Resource:

Look for a company that offers multiple container sizes and flexible drop-off and pickup dates. Some also provide facility loading for customers with limited space or time. Also, make sure the company offers a secure and weatherproof solution for the duration of your rental term.

Container Hire for Home Renovations: A Space-Saving Solution

If you’re looking to save money, consider renting a used container instead of buying one. These containers are usually in excellent condition and may cost less if you don’t mind taking a bit of a beating. Just make sure you get a full inspection report before you sign the contract.

On a trading company’s website, you’ll sometimes see a listing for an ‘off-hire container‘. This is a shipping container that has come to the end of its leasing period. Typically, the container goes through a thorough inspection called an on-hire survey before being leased to a container user. But, if the container is sold to another buyer before it reaches the end of its lease term, it becomes an off-hire container and thus eligible for sale. This is a popular deal between sellers and buyers as it saves both parties on inspection expenses and repairs. Moreover, it allows the seller to sell at a better price as he’s not competing with other buyers for the same container.

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