Insulation Contractors

A good insulation contractor can help you solve issues like drafty rooms, uneven temperatures, outrageous energy bills, and freezing pipes. Finding a reputable company that can meet your needs is not always an easy task, but it can be done with some research and recommendations from friends and family.

What is an insulation contractor?

Insulation contractors near me work to install insulation in homes, commercial buildings, and industrial spaces. Some companies specialize in certain types of insulation, while others perform a variety of installations. In the Insulation Contractors industry, there is a low level of market share concentration, meaning that no single operator controls more than 1.0% of the total market.

There are many different types of insulation contractors, and each has its own unique business structure. Some operate as owner-operator businesses, where one or two people do everything from marketing and answering phone calls to selling jobs and installing the insulation. This type of setup usually offers high quality work but can be a challenge to schedule since the owner is pulled in several directions.

It is important to ask about the company’s business structure and how it affects the quality of their work. For example, some companies pay their installers by the square foot, which may motivate them to do a fast job on your house to get to the next one. Other contractors may only focus on marketing and sales, and subcontract the actual installation work to another company. Make sure that the contract you sign specifies the size of the area to be insulated, the type and amount of insulation to be installed, and the resulting R-value (required by Federal Trade Commission regulations). Make sure that your contractor promises not to block attic vents or ductwork with new insulation, and that they will insulate recessed lighting fixtures that are not IC-rated (for safety). Also, make sure the contract details whether the work will qualify for utility rebates.

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