Integrated Rehab Solutions

Integrated Rehab Solutions  provides client-centered therapy focused on functional goals. They help individuals with neurological injuries reach their cognitive, communication, swallowing, social and academic goals. They specialize in neurorehabilitation, speech and language pathology, occupational therapy and physical therapy for patients with traumatic brain injury.

The integration of rehabilitation services into PHC is a key strategy for meeting the global health targets set by the World Health Organization and other international organizations [43]. A number of barriers have been identified in previous studies, including a lack of a clear policy direction on this issue by national and international bodies and poor communication between health and rehabilitation professionals and other health workers.

Connecting the Dots: Exploring Integrated Rehab Solutions in the UK

Many participants described a series of strategies for integrating rehabilitation into PHC, ranging from improving stewardship and governance to strengthening leadership and providing effective referral pathways. They emphasized the need for education and training of health professionals in rehabilitation, including primary care practitioners, to promote multidisciplinary collaboration. They also cited the need for establishing mobile rehabilitation teams and providing telerehabilitation. Finally, they emphasized the importance of encouraging local assistants to assist rehabilitation professionals in rural areas.

Several of these strategies could apply to other healthcare product lines, but rehab is a unique example because it entered the managed care arena before other acute care products and already has experience dealing with diverse payers. Additionally, it has a full continuum of care, from acute to ambulatory to home health. As other product lines come under managed care, they will face the same issues as rehab providers do now.

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