Job Duties of an Industrial Painter

An industrial painter is a person who uses various techniques to apply varnish or paint on different types of surfaces. These include walls, machines, and industrial equipment. They use specialized resources like air spraying and rollers to get the best results. In addition, they also wear protective suits and face air supply respirators to ensure their safety while they work.

The job duties of an industrial painter might differ from company to company, but some of the key responsibilities are:

Preparing the surface for painting by cleaning, washing or blasting the existing surface. The preparation may involve the use of chemicals, electric scrapers, sandblasters or blow torches.

Using a variety of paints and coatings to meet customer specifications. Mixing paints according to specification, and utilizing tools such as viscosity cups, thickness gages, and gloss gages.

Behind the Scenes: The Role of an Industrial Painter in Your Project

Painting and applying coatings to machinery or equipment as per the blueprints of the manufacturer. The process might involve dismantling or reassembling equipment as required.

An industrial painter needs to have a high school diploma and might need to complete a training program or apprenticeship to learn the skills of the trade. In addition, physical stamina and a strong work ethic are essential qualifications to succeed in this field. They usually work in industrial production facilities or specialized locations. These are generally large, well-ventilated areas that have climate control to maintain optimal drying conditions between coats. They also need to be able to operate equipment like man lifts and scaffolding.

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