Learn About High Blood Pressure (HDP)

eye test masterton

The eye test masterton method, also known as the Riedel test is a medical form of stress test which measures the patient’s blood pressure level. According to some medical practitioners the eye test masterton method is a sound diagnostic tool in the field of ophthalmology that aids the doctor in finding the right treatment for the patients suffering from high blood pressure. As many experts are agreeing that, this eye test is a great alternative to the traditional stress test and it is a better option than the high pressure pump test, which has several disadvantages.


This particular eye test is done when a patient’s blood pressure is first measured with the help of a hand-held device called the high blood pressure monitor or the H BP. This device measures the peak pressure of the blood which is reached within a short span of time. This data is then recorded and compared with the normal range. It is found out that those patients, who have normal range of high blood pressure but exhibits some abnormal data, should get themselves tested by an experienced ophthalmologist and should not waste time. Eye test masterton method is an important diagnostic test that helps in early detection of various diseases like hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes and glaucoma.


The data gathered from the eye test masterton method is useful in diagnosing the cause of high blood pressure and other ocular diseases. However this method has been found out to be quite ineffective in detecting the ocular problems like strabismus, crossed eyes, and double vision etc. Sometimes eye doctors use other ocular tests like refraction, visual acuity, color perception, and acroceratology on their own to confirm the symptoms of high blood pressure. On the other hand, if the patient comes to a conclusion that he or she is suffering from high blood pressure and eye test masterton method is recommended then only the doctor will decide upon the course of treatment and will take all precautions to avoid complications. However it is noted that this test can prove to be quite useful in finding out the exact cause of high blood pressure in many patients and also helps in preventing acute attack of high blood pressure. High blood pressure can prove fatal for many people and treatment as well as management of the disease should be started immediately.

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