Lock Picking Tools

If you’re just lockpick tools  out picking locks or you’ve been doing it a while and are looking to expand your arsenal you’re probably wondering what are the best lock pick tools to get? While it’s true that skill is more important than the type of pick you use, the right tool will help you work efficiently and increase your chances of success.

There are a few key types of picks to have in your arsenal and while many people start out with a professional set that has all the different rakes, hooks, half diamonds, and wrenches you really only need a handful of them to cover most situations. Below I’ve listed a few of the most common and useful ones.

The Art of Non-Destructive Entry: How Lock Picking Tools Can Enhance Security

Feeler picks are small picks that allow you to feel for the pins and apply pressure to them one at a time, which is an efficient and successful method of working a lock. While they take a bit more practice to master than other methods, they can give you much greater success rates once you’ve become skilled.

Raking a lock is an alternative picking method that works by manipulating multiple pins at once rather than one at a time. Raking is quicker than SPP but can be less reliable in higher security or specialized locks that use radical bitting.

The short hooks are another multipurpose pick that can be used statically to single pin pick or dynamically in a rake to zip the lock. They’re also great for reaching shorter pins that are shielded by taller ones.

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