Mens Coastal Clothing For Coastline Casual

Explore our range of mens coastal clothing, designed with casual comfort in mind. From loose linen shirts for leisurely strolls to cotton polos that match sandy beaches and rocky cliffs, our menswear designers know the winning sartorial formula of coastline casual.

Who wore pants first?

If you’re attending a formal beach wedding, skip the black tuxedo and opt for a summer fabric like blue or tan instead. Look for a suit in breathable linen or seersucker and keep the accessories simple. A white shirt and dress pants, or a navy suit jacket with khaki pants will both make an appropriate beach wedding outfit. A tie or bow tie is usually required, depending on the invitation wording. Add a lightweight woven belt and on-theme loafers to complete your formal beach outfit.

For a semi-formal beach wedding, wear a classic long-sleeve button-down shirt with dress pants or a navy sport jacket with pleated shorts. You can add a patterned blazer or silk bow tie for festivity, or a raffia belt bag to carry your essentials. For women, a high-low or midi dress in a tropical color is suitable for a beach cocktail wedding. Women’s suits are also appropriate for a beach wedding, and can be tailored with slim fits or fitted silhouettes to suit your shape.

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