Modern Home Decorative Accessories

A beautiful home is not complete without the right home decorative accessories. These modern house accessories are the pieces that give your space personality and make it truly yours. From art collections to teapots and everything in between, these are the accessories that help your house feel like home!

Embrace Texture and Organics

Throughout the last few years, there’s been an increasing emphasis on using natural materials in contemporary house decor. This includes woven textiles, natural motifs and wood branches in furniture and rugs.

You can also bring the outdoors in with fresh flowers and plants. Fill a vase with colorful blooms or add branches to your foyer, bathroom or bedroom for an instant pop of color.

Vases have long been a staple of contemporary house decorating, but they’re not just for florals anymore. You can also find vases that are filled with pine cones, branches and sprigs of holly during the fall and winter months to create a seasonal display.

Decorative Throw Pillows and Blankets

Adding throw pillows and blankets to your sofa, chair or bed is an easy way to create texture, warmth and comfort in any room of the house. Whether you choose a neutral-colored, solid-color or printed pillow, these modern house accents are a must-have for every stylish home decor lover.

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