Netball Court Resurfacing Benefits

netball court resurfacing


Resurfacing a netball court is the process of repairing an old surface and making it play like new again. The process can be very costly, but if done properly, it can make your multi-sport complex look and play like new again. Here are some of the benefits of netball court resurfacing. This article provides an overview of the process of resurfacing a netball court. If you’re interested in learning more, read on.

Resurfacing a netball court requires more than just applying a new layer. There are several advanced sports surfaces available for netball courts, such as macadam and polymeric rubber. Some courts can also benefit from non-slip coatings. Fresh paint work can also improve the aesthetics of the court. The court’s lines can be sharper, making it easier for players to play. And of course, a freshly-resurfaced court is much easier to play on.

Before beginning the resurfacing process, it is important to know your budget and what specifications you want to achieve. There are numerous different options available and it is vital to find the right one to match the requirements of your budget and intended use. A standard outdoor netball court surface is a porous asphalt surface. This type of surface offers a durable, cost-effective, and non-slip surface for playing netball. It can also be combined with an external MUGA for a complete sports facility.

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