NZ Home Broadband Providers

There are several providers of NZ home broadband. Currently, Telecom is the only provider offering 256 kbit/s internet speeds. Other providers include CityLink and satellite. The speed of your connection depends on the service provider and the speed of the upstream and downstream internet connections. Some of the top internet service providers in New Zealand offer similar speeds, but their prices vary. The following are the most popular providers. You can find the best options for your needs by reading their product descriptions carefully.

How To Improve At Nz Home Broadband Providers

nz home broadband

NOW Broadband has received five 5-Star ratings for overall satisfaction, five 5-Star ratings for Value for Money, and four 5-Star ratings for Service and Flexibility. This broadband provider has a range of plans to suit different needs, and its packages also come with a $100 joining credit. NOW Broadband has many features that make it a top provider for many people. This review will help you decide which plan is best for your needs.

NOW has a low price and no data cap. Chorus offers unlimited plans and no monthly caps. MyRepublic has won the Ookla SpeedTest award for its service and has no data limit. NOW also offers tailored plans for businesses and households. You can choose from 900/400 Mbps connection and 950/500 Mbps speeds. In addition, it has no contracts or minimum monthly usage. You can get a free trial period with MyRepublic to see if you’d be happy with its service.

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