Picket Tiles – A Modern Approach to Subway Tile

picket tiles

For those looking for a modern picket tiles to traditional subway tile, picket tiles are a fresh and creative solution. These elongated hexagonal shapes add a unique twist to a kitchen or bathroom wall and bring an extra sense of dimension, visual excitement, and movement to a space. Their crisp and classy design module is reminiscent of a classic picket fence that evokes both a contemporary feel as well as a timeless charm.

They’re also slimmer than standard honeycomb tiles, and this sleeker profile allows for more variation in the size and shape of the individual picket tiles. This means that you can create a braided pattern with them or even use them to zone one specific area of a kitchen backsplash. You can choose from a variety of colors and finishes including glossy and matte options.

Picket Tiles: The Modern Touch Your Space Craves

Picket tiles work great with other tile types and can be used to accent a focal point of the room with their geometric expression. Whether you’re using them as a backsplash or as an accent wall, they will add a touch of style that will make the room look sophisticated and unique.

When you’re ready to break away from neutral walls, picket tiles can elevate a space and give it an enviable boldness that will stand out in the crowd of other commercial designs. In this Palisades Bahia ceramic picket tile backsplash, the elongated picket shape elevates the entire space by bringing eye-catching geometry and dimension to an otherwise monochrome palette.

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