Rat Pest Control

Rat Pest Control

Rats are a serious pest and a major Safe Pest Control cause of property damage. They chew electrical wires, contaminate food and can spread diseases. They are also known to decimate native wildlife and can destroy trees. Proper sanitation and exclusion procedures can limit their numbers. In severe cases, the use of rat traps or rodent bait may be necessary.

Rat traps can be placed in secluded areas where rats travel, such as between food and shelter. Look for droppings and gnawing marks, as well as holes and tunnels. Traps should be set in pairs to intercept rodents traveling from opposite directions. Suitable traps include wooden base snap and glue traps. Choose a trap size large enough to hold an adult rat and fasten bait, such as peanut butter or raisin bread, tightly to the trigger.

Effective Rat Pest Control Methods: How to Get Rid of Rats

The best way to eliminate a rat problem is to prevent it from getting into the home or structure in the first place. Keep trash cans covered and rat-proof, and trim shrubbery and tree limbs near buildings to reduce hiding places for rats. Eliminate outdoor sources of water, such as leaking faucets or bird baths, and store foods properly to limit their access.

Poison baits should only be used in severe situations when sanitation, exclusion and trapping have not worked. It is important to follow product label instructions carefully when using poison baits, so that children or pets are not inadvertently harmed. If possible, baits should be replaced at least once per month, as rats are known to develop resistance to some poisons.

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