Texas Power to Choose Electricity Plans

Thanks to energy deregulation, Texans have the power to choose an electricity provider and plan option that works best for them. The state established a website called Texas Power to Choose that gives consumers access to all of the plans available in their area. In fact, there are dozens of Retail Electricity Providers with hundreds of different options. This allows customers to find the perfect plan for their needs and home while taking advantage of competitive electricity rates. Learn more: power to choose.org

The Texas Power to Choose website is supposed to help consumers compare energy providers and plans on an equal footing. It shows you all of the currently available options in your area, including the name of each plan and the rate per kilowatt-hour. You can also view other factors, such as the contract term and if it includes a fixed or variable rate. Additionally, the Texas Power to Choose website shows you an Industry Scorecard that ranks Retail Electricity Providers based on their customer complaints.

Saving Money with Power to Choose: Tips for Finding the Best Rates

In addition to comparing energy providers and plans, the Texas Power to Choose website shows you all of your renewable energy options as well. This is important because some people are looking for green energy or even 100% renewable options. This way you can be sure that whatever plan you end up choosing will not only be good for the environment but will also match your environmental goals. Of course, if you are a homeowner, you should consider the age of your home and how much electricity you use when selecting a plan.

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