The Difference Between the EB1A/NiW Visa and the EB-2 NIW Visa

The eb1a/niw visa is a special employment-based green card for individuals of extraordinary ability. This category of green card is reserved for top talent in science, business, education, the arts, and athletics. USCIS officers are given a great deal of discretion when evaluating and deciding on these cases, which can make it difficult for some people to qualify. However, the skilled team at Springdale Law Group has helped many people successfully navigate the EB-1A process.

A NIW petition is similar to an EB-1A, but it requires additional documentation to prove that you have achieved extraordinary ability. Typically, NIW cases are more difficult to adjudicate because the requirements are much higher. For example, you must demonstrate that you have sustained national or international acclaim for your achievements in your field of expertise and that peers, government entities, and professional organizations have recognized your work. You must also show that you have achieved a level of achievement that places you in the top 1% of your field.

Strategic Pathways: Navigating the EB-1A/NIW Visa Options

The NIW and EB-1A both grant permanent residence, but they have different processing times. The EB-1A has a faster processing time than the NIW because it allows you to file under premium processing. NIWs do not allow for premium processing, so they can take longer to process. The NIW is also more difficult to qualify for because it requires that you waive the labor certification process, while the EB-1A does not. If you want to learn more about the difference between the EB-1A and the EB-2 NIW, you should speak with an experienced immigration attorney.

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