Thermal Imaging Heat Loss Survey

thermal imaging heat loss survey

A thermal imaging heat loss survey identifies the reasons why your home is cold and where energy is being lost. This will help you prioritise what to improve first, and save you money and reduce your carbon footprint in the process. Go here

Draughts, insulation voids and underperforming heating are all common causes of excessive energy wastage, and a thermal survey will show you where the problems are. The results are clear and easy to understand – thermal images show warm objects against cool backgrounds, so you can identify the problem areas straight away.

Thermal imaging is a valuable tool for home owners as well as for builders and developers. Whether you’re planning a retrofit programme or writing an energy efficient building specification, a thermal image will help identify the best solution for your home.

Why do I need a thermal imaging heat loss survey

Today we are more aware than ever that the earth has limited resources – and it’s not right that they should be wasted needlessly. A thermal imaging survey empowers home and business owners to address problems that squander energy and result in expensive bills.

A thermal survey is based on a non-contact technique that records the radiated infrared energy (heat) from an object, identifying differences in temperature. This allows us to identify the source of heat leaking from buildings, liquids and gas systems, electrical circuits and capacitors and even machinery, vehicles and living species. The images produced by a thermal imaging camera are clear and can easily identify issues that may be hidden in darkness or by dust, smoke or other obstructions.

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