What is BPSS Clearance?

Bpss clearance is a security check that is used by government departments and other organisations to ensure that their staff are honest, reliable and trustworthy. It is a legal requirement for all those who want to work with the UK government organisations and helps to protect national security.

How do I get a BPSS clearance UK?

BPSS is the standard level of screening for any individual working on behalf of a UK government organisation, including civil servants, members of the armed forces and contractors. It is primarily concerned with national security, however at a more micro level it also protects the individual against threats to their way of life, integrity and interests.

A BPSS check is made up of 4 elements, all of which are part of a RICE framework (right to work, identity, criminal record and employment history). It is not just for UK citizens but is also carried out for those working from overseas.

The BPSS check is valid for a year from the date of issue and can be kept in place even if an individual leaves their position or changes to another role within that time. In most cases, the BPSS record is retained on the individual’s personal file in their new employer and can be transferred if the candidate wishes to move from one company to another.

The BPSS process includes a criminal record check which checks for any unspent convictions. These can be removed if the applicant has served their sentence or been released from prison. Moreover, it can help to identify any potential criminal activity that may impact the organisation’s reputation and assets.

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