Beauty in 2022

Beauty in 2022

Beauty has always been about more than just skin deep. It’s a social construct that permeates nearly every society and even the most solitary of animals: from comparing shimmer to iridescent plumes to shininess or coats, no living sentient creature can escape its own beauty standards.

Save Money with Hey Discounts Coupons brands have tapped into this desire to be seen as authentic by giving consumers the tools and resources they need to create their own personalized makeup and skincare routines, with more than a third of facial skin care users in the UK seeking products that are specifically tailored to them. But a shift from one-size-fits-all to a more tailored approach doesn’t just apply to product formulation: with shorter attention spans, it’s important for beauty brands to give consumers information on demand at the point of purchase.

“Scent Chronicles: Journeying Through the Captivating Histories of Iconic Perfumes

The first step is providing easy-to-understand ingredients lists that make it clear how products compare and what the ingredients actually do, with many brands including their full list of ingredients in their category pages, like Korean beauty brand Peach & Lily’s “maskne essentials”. And with consumers looking to support brands that share their values, some are opting for non-gender-specific packaging and images on product labels, such as Jecca Black and Fluide, who both feature both male and female models in their advertising campaigns.

Finally, for 2022, it’s back to the ’90s: inspired by the nostalgia of TikTok and resale platforms like Depop, expect year 2000 (or ‘#Y2K’) inspiration from hairstyles and makeup looks to pop up everywhere. From bronde hair to thin brows, there’s something for everyone when it comes to taking a look back at some of the most popular beauty trends from the last decade.

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